Classic Economic Models


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    Overview of Micro Models

Supply and Demand
    Basic Supply and Demand
    Who Pays a Sales Tax?
    The Cobweb Model
        and Inventory-Based Pricing

Theory of the Firm
    Perfect Competition#
    Monopoly / Monopolistic Competition
    Price Discrimination
    The Demand for Labor

Theory of the Consumer
    Two Goods - Two Prices#
    Intertemporal Substitution
    Labor Supply, Income Taxes,
        and Transfer Payments

Getting Started
The models listed here (with the exception of the Solow Growth Model and the two free on-line calculators) run from your browser when you click on a "Model Link" IF you first download and install the EconModel program.  The Getting Started page explains how this works.

Economics Terms
Definitions for economics terms used on this web site.

Phillips Curve



    Overview of Macro Models

Models in Chronological Order
    The Classical Model#
    The Simple Keynesian Model
    The Keynesian IS/LM Model#
    The Mundell-Fleming Model#
    Real Business Cycles
    The IS/MP Model
    The Solow Growth Model (free)

Financial Markets
    Utility-Based Valuation of Risk
    Mean-Variance Analysis:
        Risk vs. Expected Return

    Fixed Income Securities:
        Mortgage/Bond Calculator
    Growth Investments:
        Present Value Calculator

#Free Preview Movies
See how EconModel lets you click on hyperlinks
to get a step-by-step understanding of economics
diagrams and models.

    Derive a Demand Curve (32 seconds)
    Derive a Supply Curve (40 seconds)
    The Cobweb Model (1 min, 34 seconds)
    The Classical Model (40 seconds)
    The Basic IS/LM Model (2 min, 43 sec)
    The Mundell-Fleming Model (1 min, 23 sec)

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